A week in the life of a home cinema installation team

A week in the life of a home cinema installation team

You have probably found this article after searching for something like “How to install a home cinema system?” or “What do I get with a home cinema installation” on Google and we are here to hopefully put your mind at ease.

Our home cinema installation team are a busy but sometmes under appreciated team and we thought there hard work deserves some recognition. So what better than to hear about actual installations straight from our installers directly. Enjoy a few days in the life of our installation team:

It’s a big week this week we need to get Mr B’s entertainment suite system up and running ready for a party on Saturday. The wiring schedule was done around 8 weeks ago when the basic system layout was planned, around 5 weeks ago we specified the exact components and agreed it all with Mr B but this week we get to make it all work! The brief was to produce a system like but even better than we supplied 6 months ago for his kitchen, it needs to fill the whole area with sound and remain even wherever you go, it needs to be able to play loud (and this client does mean loud) and of course it needs to be easy to use. Furthermore Mrs B requires it to be unobtrusive (in fact ideally invisible!!).



First job today it to populate the rack in the head, eventually this will be housed in its own air conditioned cupboard but for now its in the pump room with all the works for the pool, Sauna and steam room, not exactly the coolest environment.

Here you can see the power amplifiers for the main speakers in the entertainment area ceiling, these are Audiocontrol amps chosen because of the excellent sound quality together with the audio equalisation capability. Above those are the power amps for the pool and Sauna and Steam room speakers (these won’t be installed for another month) also in here are Bluesound streamers, a Control4 control processor, a receiver for the household video over IP distribution system, Mains distribution, Networking systems and CCTV. It took us a full day to mount and connect this little lot, tomorrow we are off elsewhere whilst the builders complete the housing for the speakers but we’ll be back on Wednesday.


Optoma UHZ65 4k projector.jpg

We return today to a project we started last week, the decorator has now finished his work and we can crack on. First job getting the projector up and running, this Optoma UHZ65 4k projector, creates its light with a laser rather than a conventional bulb, this provides a brighter more accurate image with an improved life the client Mr L is very happy.

Next is the screen and speakers, the family want a room that provides them with an awesome viewing experience that they will all enjoy but which will also allow the room to be used for family gathering and as a second living room so the screen rolls up to reveal a window and the speakers are all mounted on the wall, out of the way.

On the way home we drop in on Mrs J, she had us install a system for her 10 years ago and now wants to change the room around whilst also bringing the system up to modern specification. After much conversation we agree on a Monitor Audio / Triad and PSB combination of speakers with a Samsung 65” Frame TV. We also agree to cost her a CCTV system discuss how we can improve the household Wi-Fi and upgrade the music system in the kitchen.

home cinema screen.jpg


Back to Mr B, and we can now start getting the TV and sound bar up and connected  (it’s a passive soundbar made to match the width of the TV and driven from the head) speakers into the ceiling and cabinet sides (a total of 18 speakers) subwoofer into the cabinet below the TV.


A couple of quick service calls, both relating to Sky Q! and its back to Mr B again, furniture is now in so we can do an initial audio set up, programme the control system and we’ll be ready for the party……………

This was all a few weeks ago, and by the sounds of things the party went well and the client is extremely happy with the overall sound, we returned a couple of times to deal with snags (nothing major) and get the finished pictures. We have now installed the pool speakers (15 ceiling speakers) and they are working beautifully.

This morning I met Mr B to discuss the outdoor pool, conservatory and Billiard room project which we hope to complete in the coming months.

We hope you found this article insightful and you know a little more about the home installation process. If you want to learn more or to book in a home cinema or hifi system installation be sure to check out our closest store here

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