10 Reasons To Upgrade To A Denon AV Receiver

10 Reasons To Upgrade To A Denon AV Receiver

If you're in the market for a new AV Receiver, you already know there are many options to consider. Which features do you prioritize, and what are your absolute must-haves? Denon offers an award-winning range of home cinema AV Receivers that provide an array of technologies to suit customers at every price point. So, if you think it’s time to upgrade to a new AV Receiver, you may want to consider a Denon. Here’s 10 reasons why.

Experience the Latest 3D Audio
The "simple" surround sound configuration with front and back speakers - is now an immersive sound experience with Dolby Atmos, DTS: X and Auro 3D. Thanks to the latest Denon AV receivers the sound is now above you, so you are always the focus of events, in movies, sports or games.


They really know their stuff
Denon engineers live for good sound. They work tirelessly to give you an even better experience and with more than a century of experience, every new generation of Denon AV receivers contains hundreds of new and improved components. Denon improve the performance of their AV Receivers from year to year, giving you the latest in world-class sound.

Change the receiver, not your living room
Every AV Receiver will sound different, and every room sounds different. That's why all Denon receivers are equipped with the Audyssey room acoustics calibration system. Just set up the included calibration microphone, connect it to the AVR and the system will automatically configure itself for the best sound in your living room. Your favourite movies or TV series have never sounded so good.

Brighter colours and sharper, clearer images
More detail with better colour reproduction and stronger contrast - the state-of-the-art video processing of the latest Denon AV receivers uses the latest standards to give you a more immersive viewing experience. Even on older devices, videos are scaled to 4K Ultra HD resolution for the best possible screen experience.

You deserve the best AV Receiver, so does your TV
The days of VHS tapes, DVDs and a handful of TV channels are long gone. With the latest Denon receivers you can enjoy Blu-ray, 4K UHD Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV and streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix in the highest quality. All this via a simple one-cable connection and with the latest standards for picture and sound like Dolby Vision and ARC. Whether sports, movies or your favourite shows - with a Denon receiver you are in the thick of it.


Lots of HDMI inputs
With up to eight HDMI inputs, the latest generation of Denon AV receivers can connect to all your video sources, from satellite and cable receivers to computers and game consoles. 

Rediscover your favourite tunes 
Denon’s latest AV receivers have incorporated more than a century of audio experience; that's why music sounds amazingly good. Not only can you play from your CD, DVD or Blu-ray player, but you can also connect to your music library on your home computer or network storage and expand your own collection with the use of online services such as Amazon Music, Deezer and Spotify, and with Apple Airplay 2 or Bluetooth, music can even be streamed directly from your smartphone.

You are in control 
Voice control is on everyone's lips, and modern devices only need you to say what you want them to do. With Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, three major language systems are on the market, which is not a problem with the latest Denon receivers, because they speak all three "languages". Whether you say "Alexa", "OK Google" or "Hey Siri", they hear you and change the volume or play your favourite music. 

Music in the whole house with HEOS
With integrated HEOS multi-room software Denon’s latest AV Receivers bring a whole host of music streaming capabilities. HEOS is Denon's proprietary wireless multiroom audio system that lets you stream your music, streaming content, and even your TV's sound to compatible wireless speakers and other components in every room and even out in the garden. It can be quickly and effortlessly set up or extended to additional "zones" and completely controlled via the free HEOS app on your phone or simply by voice.


Easy to set up, even easier to use
With all these features, you'd think that the new Denon receivers could only be installed and operated by a computer genius. Far from it, because Denon have made sure that everyone can use their products optimally: with an integrated graphical user interface and a set up wizard, which guides you step by step through the set up, you will have a lot of fun with your receiver and no frustration.

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